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Hey Jeff,
Thanks for the great job with the class Sunday.I learned many informative answers that I would have never known with out your class.
 Thanks for taking the time out to spend time with each of us one on one to ensure our handgun safety.
 I will always refer you to any of my friends that are looking to get their permit.
 Once again thanks Jeff...
jimi  ( James Moore )


Just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend and I recieved out carry permit 33 days after going to DMV... Wow...
Thanks for a good education,
Mike Eaton and Karen Fleet



I really enjoyed your class and, by the way, when I went to apply for my permit today, the lady asked where I took my class.  She said she has been putting off taking the class because she couldn't find a one close by.  I told her about you and she took down all the info and said she will contact you.  She was really excited when I told her how good your class is.
Thanks again for good instruction.
Payton Abbey



Thanks again for the gun safety course on 2/20/10.  I enjoyed the class and it was fun shooting at the range.  I received my permit two days ago.


Jeff I enjoyed your class. I have attended a lot of classes,with 40 years in the military,but I thought yours was the best that I have attended. I thought the info you presented was direct and to the point and many times that does not happen and extends the class time.

James Walker


To: Jeff Eady,
                                                                                                        May 2010
   I want to thank you so much for making the gun class so understanding and easy for women. It was an awesome class.  You took the time to make sure everyone had what they needed and was very comfortable learning how to shoot a hand gun and pass the test.  I would highly recommend Packn'Heat to anyone who is looking for the Best Training Instructor and the Best carry permit courses in Tennessee.
Kindest regards,
Nancy Wright



Thanks for being a great instructor! Had a great time and learned alot. If anyone ever asks about a carry permit youll be the one Ill refer them to. I need to go brag about you up at on Thanks!